Rylynn's Corner

Hello my friends,
My mommy said I could write you all a little hello and to tell you a little about me. I love crackers and juice and when my mommy doesn't give me those things I scream MORE MORE really loud.....its funny to see my Mommy's face when I do...I think it kinda bothers her...hehehehee. And the weird part is she keeps telling me More...what? I guess I am suppose to say "More Please" but I am still going to pretend I don't know how to say please. My favorite toy is plastic baggies...yes, plastic baggies, don't get mad at mommy for giving me plastic baggies to play with....all I do with them is put all my toys and special treasures in them and carry them around like mommy carries hers around....you know she has the biggest plastic baggie I have seen....but she wont let me play with her treasures in it though :( My favorite dinner is spaghetti....which I don't get very often since it makes my bum bum hurt(those tomatoes are brutal) and I think mommy doesn't like cleaning up my mess....I do get a little crazy with my noooonals.
Well that's pretty much all I have to say today....I think my mommy is calling me for my nap, and yes I can actually say I am tired and want to go...this time!
A day in a life of....

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