Precious Moments

Today, Rylynn and I were at the park on the teeter totter and we were all alone - no one was at the park, really nice and quiet. A woman approaches and says as she continues walking "what a nice mom you are, you both are so cute sitting on that teeter totter together, what a cute moment." After she left I had thought what a nice woman...and what a nice thing to say. Its those little one or two sentences that someone says to you that can be so positive and give you a jump start in your was my day.
I started to also think how great it is to take that extra time to say a kind word or sentence to a stranger, it just might make their day!
Take time in your day to focus on the little things, the things that seem little and non important just might be the thing that someone talks about for the next week!
Erin & Lynda