Rylynn will start us off!

Coach Outlet in Carlsbad -like mother like daughter...oh dear!

Rylynn Riddle will start us off on our first "Child of the Week" - mostly because she is my daughter and well I am writing this blog :) ha! So here is a little about Rylynn -
*She is obsessed with purses, plastic baggies, tote bags and doggie walk baggies and enjoys putting anything and EVERYTHING in them!
*Her favorite words are "Tattaa" and "More" which she expresses quite often when meal times come around
* Her hobbies are collecting treasures and putting them into her baggies, playing in her playhouse outside and helping mommy empty out dishwasher
* She likes dipping everything into a dip of some sort -salsa, ranch, applesauce etc... as long as there is something to dip into she will!
* She LOVES to dance - if there is music on she will dance to it! (this is how we tire her out before bedtime...ha)
* She does not like being told NO (which kid does?) and does not eat anything that is orange colored (mainly sweet potatoes/yams).
* Her personality is extremely extroverted/outgoing - she cant stop saying hello and "Tattaa" to everyone she meets, she is stubborn and likes things her way -well who doesn't :)?
My first born- Rylynn will be turning 2 this December - cant believe it! She will be starting a dance/music class on Mondays, Story time on Tuesdays and Mommy and Me on Wednesdays. Her fall will be FULL of extra-curricular activities.

Can't wait to hear all about your little ones - send in your information to erin@babyurprecious.com
Erin & Lynda

BURP's Child of the week!

Baby U R Precious wants to start honoring a child of the week! Please send in your pictures and a short narrative on their hobbies/likes/dislikes/personality to erin@babyurprecious.com and we will choose one child a week to showcase! We look forward to your entries.
Erin & Lynda

Monthly Specials at BURP

BURP has decided to offer monthly specials to our customers. We will also be offering small gift packs as an introductory to our product - many of you out there have not felt the luxuriousness of bamboo velour so we want to make it more accessible for you! Please check out http://tinyurl.com/lohtvk for our monthly specials.
Happy Shopping!
Erin & Lynda

Teaching your children how to eat healthy!

Over the last week I have been really thinking of how I want to teach Rylynn to eat healthy and "crave" the healthy snacks rather than the sugary ones. I found quite a lot of helpful tips in my research of healthy eating for kids and wanted to share -
*Start your child's day with a healthy breakfast, whole grains, fruit rather than fruit juice and a protein/dairy
*Let your children help shop for groceries and prepare meals, they love to help and this makes them more in engaged with what they are eating
* Keep healthy snacks on hand, veggie sticks with their favorite dipping sauce is a great one
*Don't label any foods as off limits, labeling a food as forbidden may actually entice your child to eat it behind your back
*Sit down to eat meals together rather than on the run or while walking or standing in the kitchen, meal time is important for families anyways - a cool time to talk and fellowship together.
Stay tuned for more tips tomorrow -
Erin & Lynda

NEW BURP Models!

We have been having photo shoots the last week for our new product. The cute BURP models really rocked their photo shoot. Here is cute little Addie who is 7 months old and Tyler who is 2 1/2 years old and of course you know who Rylynn is. Thank you Charyse for being the best photographer we could have! The kiddos really like smiling for you! And thank you to Annie and Christy for letting us "use" your adorable children as BURP models - our product wouldn't be the same without them!
Erin & Lynda

It just keeps getting better!

The last 2 days have been quite comical to say the least. In the morning yesterday I was going through the "do it yourself" car wash with my "fur" daughter (Lucy) in the passenger seat and Rylynn in the back seat. All of a sudden the window is rolling down as the foam suds are shooting across to my face and entire car! My adorable Lucy rolled it down with her paw!!!!! I am screaming, Rylynn is screaming and Lucy is cowering on the floor. It was a perfect start to the day for sure!
If that wasn't enough fun, for lunch time Rylynn decided to dump her plate of spaghetti on top of Lucy's head. The noodles were stuck all over her fur and red sauce all over my white dog! GRRR for sure! So a bath was of course necessary - added chore to my to-do list.
So the moral to this day was HAVE NO EXPECTATIONS and lots of PATIENCE and go with the flow :)
Hope this brings some laughter to your day today!
Erin & Lynda