Garage Sale Fun

Sunday was a beautiful day for a garage sale, not real busy but we did not care for we had great family fun! Rylynn came all bundled up complete with her bamboo scarf wrapped around her neck. This little two year old was a real sales lady, she would show customers what to buy and would say "shop shop shop" Rylynn loved sitting right in the middle of all the treasures. But the best was when she found a pair of baby shoes that fit her baby doll perfectly, so we gave them to her at no charge!!!

Girl Scouts BURP

That's right this troop BURPed and enjoyed every minute of it! The BURP Ministry had a fabulous time working with these young ladies, what a delight they were.

This Junior Girl Scout troop has been together since kindergarten and they were the sweetest young ladies, (11 and 12 yr olds) they were all so excited and ready to learn. We had 8 girls and two moms join us, some of the girls had never sewn before so it was a thrill for them to be able to give sewing a hands on try. The girls purchased the diapers and brought them washed and ready to create. My daughter, Erin and my sons girlfriend, Kate and I, taught the girls how to cut, iron, sew and package the burp cloths. What was so special is that now they will be able to sew these at home and on their own or as a troop in the future.

The girls made and completed 41 burp cloths which was a record, they were sewing up a storm. These burp cloths will be going to a local charity “Casa Teresa” in Orange and to the Camp Pendleton Marines wives.

Our next monthly sewing event will be on January 31st when two of the girl scouts who were unable to make it will be coming with their moms to learn the skill they need to complete their sewing merit badge. The whole troop will again be joining us February 28th for our normal last Sunday of the month sewing event.

If you are looking for an opportunity to give back locally, join us.

To read more about the BURP Ministry check out our blog -

Lynda and Erin

Junior Girl Scout Troop helps BURP give back

We are so excited to have a local Girl Scout troop join us for a BURP Ministry sewing party this Sunday. The girls will learn how to sew burp cloths for one of their merit badges. Ten girls ages 11 to 12 years will not only give back but learn a life long skill of sewing and of giving of themselves. The burp cloths that will be sewn and packaged will be going to a PEACE mission trip traveling to the Caribbean's. The team will be working with the local churches around the island.

For pictures of our event please visit our Burp Ministry blog at:

Lynda and Erin

"My Gym" - Fabulous Find!

I just found out about My Gym a gym for little and big kids. I take my 2 year old and absolutely love it! She tires out after an hour of fun and is ready for her 3.5 hour nap in the that is priceless! My Gym is not just a free for all, its organized play and there is circle time before and after the hour session. Your child learn colors, shapes, songs, how to walk and form a line, how to wait their turn and do somersaults and just about anything else you can think of. We are starting to go 3x a week, Mondays and Tuesdays with me and Saturdays are with Daddy! Tim and I both took her to a Saturday class last week and it was definitely apparent that it is an all daddy day, I was the only mom! But makes sense right? Send your kiddies off with daddy for a morning of fun while you get the quiet house to yourself - not a bad thing! So check them out, I say they are more than worth the investment of time and money! OH and they offer birthday parties too - which we are so doing for Rylynn's 3rd birthday, no clean up and no buying dorkie decorations. Kids will actually want to come to her party...and not just for the cake!

Erin & Lynda

So what is a Habit

Today was the first day back at the gym for the New Year, oh boy those two weeks of Holiday fun really caught up with me, but wanting to get back into the exercise habit, Erin and I were up and out by 5:30 a.m. It is so nice to have a work out buddy to keep you motivated, thanks Erin!

Once home, made a pot of coffee and while it was brewing took the dogs for their walk. Then I settled down to enjoy my cup of coffee and my daily devotional (Turning Point). Where I learned that "Virtually everything you do is a result of habit. The way you talk, the way you work, drive, think, interact with others, spend money etc. are all habitual." But "The good news is that all habits are learned, and they can therefore be unlearned."

It is easy to see the habits in our lives and those habits may or may not need changing. For me, this is one good habit that I hope will continue for the New Year.

"Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity" E.H. Chapin

Start a new habit today, not just for the here and now but for your life to come. Think of the eternal difference your choices will make.

BURP Give Aways!

Please stay posted, BURP will be doing monthly give a ways. How do you get a "raffle ticket"? - glad you asked. Here are several ways to get an E-Raffle ticket
* Refer a friend to become a BURP follower
* Write a comment on our blog
* Sign up to be a follower if you haven't already
* Write a testimony on our website -
That's it! We will have our drawing on the 15th of each month - you will be notified by email, So please email me at to verify you have done one of the above items. If you do more than one item above you will get another the more you do the more you get!
Our prizes will range from Starbucks Cards to Bamboo Washcloths! Good Luck BURP supporters!
Erin & Lynda

Sleep Over Fun

It is true what they say about being a Grandparent, it is the best! You lovem up and send them home!!! That is what we do at our house :) We are called Papa and Go Go and we love spending time with our little Ry Ry. Being a grandparent is like having a piece of candy, it is a real treat and you just want more!

Here is Rylynn in her new car seat the only problem is she is 3 inches to short to meet the safety requirements and thank goodness for Ry Ry's daddy for putting it all together. She had fun learning how to stand against the wall to have us measure and mark how tall she was. She would go to every wall and want to be measured hoping she would grow a little taller!!! So in the mean time she is enjoying having a fun spot to sit, hold her baby doll and have a special spot to hold her juice cup, so this will be a fun car seat soon!!! Keep on Growing Ry Ry

NEW product! Bamboo-Licious Scarf

Here is our cute little BURP model modeling our new Bamboo-licious scarf! Rylynn loves putting it around her neck in the house, outside, in the car...she doesn't take it off! Its like a fluffy cloud of pure softness around your neck...that she chooses to keep on all the time! The great thing about these adult and child scarfs is they are breathable, they do not make your neck sweaty or over heat. You can order one of these luxurious scarfs on our website - under new arrivals. They come in all 6 of our classic BURP colors.

Hope your New Year has gotten off to the right start!

Erin & Lynda

Happy New Year 2010

So what is in a tradition or a New Years Resolution??? That might be the question of the day! My tradition for the New Year is watching the Rose Parade on TV in my PJ's and sipping a hot cup of coffee with a tasty breakfast, yep and waiting to see if the Tournament of Roses girls get a interview before their trip down Colorado Blvd. Awh, remembering what a fun day that was, sitting atop a beautiful float in the freezing Pasadena morning air with long johns under our beautiful gowns and being so excited you would never know our teeth were chattering!!! Congratulations to this years Tournament of Roses, Queen and Rose Princess's enjoy every moment.

The Crowning Touch! Being created in God's image, as women, we embrace feminine traits of nurturing, sensitivity, compassion and creativity. We are also fashioned to have a close relationship with our Creator. As intricate as the petals on a delicate rose, without a relationship with our Creator we will have an emptiness in our heart and miss the beauty of what God created us for.
"You will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God" Ephesians 3:19

My Resolution in 2010, is that I may reflect on God's glory in my life, and allow God to empower me to be all that he wants me to be and replace my weakness with His strength.

Wishing you a blessed and prosperous New Year.

Lynda & Erin