One of those mornings!

You know when you can't clean your house all week due to either work, kids or errands? And one evening you get the motivation and determination to clean the whole house (well maybe just the downstairs) and you stay up till midnight putting your house back to normal and making it sparkling clean....Well, I had one of those nights last night. And this morning my lovely daughter throws and flicks applesauce all over my walls, is going to pantry pulling out all her favorite boxes of crackers and taking out everything in my junk drawer! This is all within the first 30 min of waking up! I just wanted to go back to bed and have pleasant dreams of my beautiful downstairs...before children! I am a little bit of a clean freak and enjoy having a clean and orderly with a child in my life I have had to simmer down a bit and be more flexible....I will let you know later if that is working for me -HA!
I will be ordering some Shaklee baby items today or tomorrow and will let you know how I like them. I am trying to go supplies/laundry/vitamins/cleansers....we will see how I like them!
You can always check out the organic laundry detergent and baby items on our NEW website -
Yes - we are distributors now, Mom really likes there stuff :) I will soon be a "user" too!
Erin & Lynda