Are you a halfer or a Full "Greenie"

I've always wondered if someone says they buy organic baby products or bamboo clothing lets say - do I assume they use organic, chemical free laundry detergent to wash those organic items in? Do they use their cute little recyclable totes when shopping, do they use "Greenie" household cleaners and make-up and cleansers? Are "organic people" really 100% organic or do they pick and choose which they want to be greenies on? I would say for me I am more concerned with organic products for my child...blankies, soaps, shampoos, (not to much on organic clothes...too expensive, Walmart is just fine) and I am going to start using chemically free laundry detergent which I will buy from
since it is no use having all this bamboo fabric and washing it in chemicals! So why not continue the green vibe with that. I am not such a nut on organic foods...although I am starting to think maybe I should be...It is just so much more costly. Anyhoos that is my questions today to you bloggers, if your organic or you call yourself "greenies" then what exactly in your life reflects that and would you call yourself 100 certified organic greenie?
Erin & Lynda

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Earth Traveler said...

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