New product to come!

Hello loyal BURP customers! You will be happy to know we are finally listening to you all and making our one of a kind mama bamboo towel! Yes - you heard it right, we are going to be expanding our product line to include organic bamboo towels for adults! Whenever we meet a future customer or client the first thing out of their mouth when they feel our velour is "do you have one in my size?" - "you need to make an adult velour line" - and so on. We will most likely have a sample in the next month so stay tuned for release dates!
Rylynn is feeling much better and continues to drink her fluids and is getting better each day! So we are finally on the mends.
I have not picked up my fabulous new place mats from Kinkos yet, but when I do I will be including a picture of them on our blog :)
Hope you have a great evening!
Erin & Lynda