Disciplining a Toddler

There are many ways of disciplining a toddler and if you have come to this article to learn the most effective ways to turn your child's behaviour around then read on. As a full time parent myself I know just how much of a terror a two year old can be! However I have learnt some killer techniques I am willing to share with you right here.

You see, like you perhaps, I had no idea what disciplining a toddler would involve me doing. I just assumed that as soon as I raised my voice that my child would stop misbehaving, but I guess they aren't as well behaved as I was when I was younger! I soon began to struggle with my unruly toddler so I turned to my parents for advice.

They advised me to watch a program that dealt specifically with toddlers in need of disciplining, and it was so helpful I ended up watching the entire series! I learnt lots of different methods but more importantly I began to distinguish the word discipline from the word punishment. I had always assumed they were the same thing but I was wrong.

As a parent, it is our job to teach our child right from wrong, and we must be aware that toddlers are very young and are still learning how to behave properly. Screaming and shouting at your child will not make them stop their misbehaviour in the long term and they will begin to think that the way to get things done is to shout, which is not what you want!

I learnt that disciplining a toddler involves being consistent and not allowing your child to rule you. I began to ignore my child's tantrums because I knew that he was only looking for attention, and I kid you not he began to stop breaking out in as many tantrums on a daily basis. By not giving into his demands he began to understand he would not get his own way with me! I felt empowered all of a sudden!

The fact is, disciplining a toddler is not as hard as you may think it is. Remember that you must reward positive behaviour because you want to get it though to them that with good behaviour come rewards and treats. Now I want to show you the exact method I used to stamp out my child tantrums almost completely.

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