Fabulous Salsa -Its Bamboo-licious!

I acquired this fabulous salsa from a friend who did not care for the taste - her loss my GAIN! It is the Santa Barbara chopped salsa fresca (4 different kinds of roasted peppers) that you can buy at Costco! This is fat free and of course gluten free. I put this on EVERYTHING - bake potatoes, eggs, omelets, chicken, talapia, pork roast in crock pot and veggies. This is not your typical salsa, its not all tomatoes, its mostly roasted peppers, which I think I like better than salsa - its really more like a chutney! Anyhoos - thought I would share this fabulous new thing I found...well a friend found and lucky me :) what a great weight loss topping! - Thanks Charyse for not caring for the taste!
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Erin & Lynda