Night In ER!

Our poor little Rylynn spent her first time in the ER/hospital last night! She had had the stomach flu along with all of us but unfortunately with her she became way to dehydrated. So her Doctor told us to take her in - 5 hours later last night we found out she does NOT have the roto virus and to just keep giving her liquids! She loves fruit punch poweraid and that is about it - so fruit punch it is. She is such a sad little sack, just walking around aimlessly and so tired looking. We are praying she will be her spunky self in no time! Here is a picture of her snuggling her "yummy" - which of course is our organic bamboo velour blankie! She takes it everywhere...even the ER!

We will keep you all updated, thank you for your prayers last night!

Erin & Lynda

I was Martha Stewart today!

We just started having my daughter (18mth) Rylynn sit at the BIG table with us in her chair. I knew I needed to start using place mats rather than tablecloths since they got dirty in 30 sec! So I knew my husband was not going to be happy if I went out and bought MORE up to date fashionable placemats.....SO....I came up with my own clever inexpensive design! Rylynn loves looking at family member photos and so why not make a place mat out of photos? I used my cute scrap book paper and combined 2 sheets that coordinated together and then I arranged and taped about 6 photos on each. After I had made Rylynn her special one (included ALL family members even our pets) then I took them to Kinkos to laminate! I know... isn't this the coolest? Well... I thought so and just had to share with you all! I will take a picture later today so you can see "Martha" at work!
Erin & Lynda

Rylynn's Corner

Hello my friends,
My mommy said I could write you all a little hello and to tell you a little about me. I love crackers and juice and when my mommy doesn't give me those things I scream MORE MORE really loud.....its funny to see my Mommy's face when I do...I think it kinda bothers her...hehehehee. And the weird part is she keeps telling me More...what? I guess I am suppose to say "More Please" but I am still going to pretend I don't know how to say please. My favorite toy is plastic baggies...yes, plastic baggies, don't get mad at mommy for giving me plastic baggies to play with....all I do with them is put all my toys and special treasures in them and carry them around like mommy carries hers know she has the biggest plastic baggie I have seen....but she wont let me play with her treasures in it though :( My favorite dinner is spaghetti....which I don't get very often since it makes my bum bum hurt(those tomatoes are brutal) and I think mommy doesn't like cleaning up my mess....I do get a little crazy with my noooonals.
Well that's pretty much all I have to say today....I think my mommy is calling me for my nap, and yes I can actually say I am tired and want to go...this time!
A day in a life of....

Are you a halfer or a Full "Greenie"

I've always wondered if someone says they buy organic baby products or bamboo clothing lets say - do I assume they use organic, chemical free laundry detergent to wash those organic items in? Do they use their cute little recyclable totes when shopping, do they use "Greenie" household cleaners and make-up and cleansers? Are "organic people" really 100% organic or do they pick and choose which they want to be greenies on? I would say for me I am more concerned with organic products for my child...blankies, soaps, shampoos, (not to much on organic clothes...too expensive, Walmart is just fine) and I am going to start using chemically free laundry detergent which I will buy from
since it is no use having all this bamboo fabric and washing it in chemicals! So why not continue the green vibe with that. I am not such a nut on organic foods...although I am starting to think maybe I should be...It is just so much more costly. Anyhoos that is my questions today to you bloggers, if your organic or you call yourself "greenies" then what exactly in your life reflects that and would you call yourself 100 certified organic greenie?
Erin & Lynda

Mompreneurs - is this what I signed up for?

So, I when I agreed to do our mom and daughter business with my fabulous mom did I really understand what it would all entail? NO! Now don't get me wrong, I love buying, creating and feeling our fabulous bamboo velour but as far as all the "other things" that are needed to run a business....accounting, marketing, filing, shipping, inventory blah blah and then not to mention the whole aspect of social media ie: facebook, blogging and twitting! WOW - and not to mention I am called a mompreneur because I actually have a daughter...what do I do with her...ha!? no really.....what options/ideas do I have to keep her entertained while I work during the day? pulling out all her baby wipes and wiping down my couch for an hour is NOT an option...but hey she is a clean kid! I would normally wait for nap time...which was fabulous (can you tell I love saying fabulous) and now I am down to ONE nap a day! So how do you mompreneurs out there handle chores, cooking working all in 2 hours?? I am thinking I need to reinvent the word "discipline" - I never really took this seriously when i went to my 9 -5 job before...that part was easy, get in the car and drive to work...otherwise i would be fired. Well, now who is going to fire me if I do not get my butt down stairs by 9am...?? I know i know business owners need to be disciplined, but can i really start my day at 5:30am...I guess this is something I will have to work on - since I am not a night owl! Love to hear any other mompreneurs do you do what you do?....successfully? This site is awesome - check it out!
AND YES - at the end of the day - I have signed up for this and it is exactly where I want to be right now in my life, I love spending time with Rylynn and have a flexible schedule to yield to park dates and occasional Walmart trips.
Go Forth and Conquer!

BURP Sisters down for the count!

Well - The BURP team got sick with the stomach flu and never made it out of the house yesterday! We are going to have to reschedule our Casa Teresa day. Myself, mother, grandmother and daughter all came down with the stomach flu! Something for sure is going around....who knows why just the women are in our family got sick....oh well the dads are good nurses!
We will update you all on our Casa Teresa day once we make it there...healthy that is!
Erin & Lynda

BURP Gives Back -Casa Teresa

Tomorrow I will be dropping of our BURP Gives Back donation check to Casa Teresa along with some burp cloths our volunteers made last month. Please visit our BURP Ministry blog to learn more about our sewing parties and burp cloth donations - which are donated around the world! My mom and I thank you for your purchases and loyalty to BURP - we LOVE cutting our donation checks to Casa Teresa - They appreciate your support immensely.
Erin & Lynda

Fabulous Salsa -Its Bamboo-licious!

I acquired this fabulous salsa from a friend who did not care for the taste - her loss my GAIN! It is the Santa Barbara chopped salsa fresca (4 different kinds of roasted peppers) that you can buy at Costco! This is fat free and of course gluten free. I put this on EVERYTHING - bake potatoes, eggs, omelets, chicken, talapia, pork roast in crock pot and veggies. This is not your typical salsa, its not all tomatoes, its mostly roasted peppers, which I think I like better than salsa - its really more like a chutney! Anyhoos - thought I would share this fabulous new thing I found...well a friend found and lucky me :) what a great weight loss topping! - Thanks Charyse for not caring for the taste!
Stay tuned for more
Erin & Lynda

A Successful Day!

We had so much fun at the Women's Summit Expo today! IWE - Institute of Women Entrepreneurs- did such a fabulous job organizing this networking expo. We met so many amazing woman entrepreneurs and got some fabulous feedback and encouraging words about our product. Everyone loved FEELING our Organic Bamboo Velour - they fell in love with the silky, luxurious fabric and we SOLD out of our Hooded Bamboo Baby Bath towels in the 1st 2 hours! That was definitely a HOT item - you will have to try one - Mama stays dry while baby is warm and cozy, it makes bath time a cinch!
My mom and I thank you all who came by today to support us - we really appreciate it! Us woman entrepreneurs love your loyalty to keep small business owners in business!!!
Erin & Lynda

Women's Summit Expo!

We have an exciting EXPO this Thursday at The Sheraton in Anaheim. The IWE (Institute for Women Entrepreneurs) invited us to attend this woman entrepreneur expo! The IWE continues to come along side us and encourage and support our business endeavors. We started taking IWE classes in February for continued growth in our business - we love our new friendship with them! So if you happen to be in the area this Thursday please stop on by!
Baby U R Precious wants this blog to be used by moms and for moms. We will be featuring recipes, creative tid bits, children 411 and just fun things to do with your children - so please start blogging and share with us how you and your family are going GREEN....??
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