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Help For Disciplining Spirited Children - Disciplining Defiant Children

By: Julian Anthony

Many spirited children are just trying to find out how far the leash will stretch. This is why when disciplining defiant children we need to apply a lot of thought and preparation.The one main thing to remember is to never discipline a child when you are angry.

This is a cardinal rule. Spirited children are actually great little people once they learn how to control their emotions. Really discipline without punishments are great for this.

If your child will not listen even to your consequences then you probably have what is now known as a Spirited Child. These little youngsters are very impatient and difficult to keep in line. This article will offer some helpful guidelines to discipline spirited children.

When it comes to spirited children it is best to take the quiet, guiding approach. It is in your best interest to place yourself on the same side as them. They are going to be more apt to listen to you if you keep things simple and fun if at all possible. Everything must be interesting to them or they tend to lash out, lose focus or both. In most cases both.

Simple is important when it comes to discipline for defiant children. Keeping rules down to a minimum helps them to remember. It is best to keep your rules to these three major universal guidelines.

1. Try to Keep safety in mind. There should never be any hitting, slapping, punching, kicking, or really no hurting of any one else for any reason.  Set up a consequence for the misbehavior and have them all at the ready. This way there can be no excuses and it can be maintained with consistency. No leniency ever. It must be understood that if they choose to act out this way then this consequence immediately follows.

2. Mutual respect of other people. This means their space and their things. You do not take without asking and you do not touch or scream in someone face for any reason. This is just a common principle that all human beings need to learn and most learn it right away. So its important to treat others as you would have them treat you. That is easy enough to follow.

3. No Talking Back or disrespecting your supervisors. This last one gets even more difficult the older they get. These are only the ones that were The Golden Three in our house growing up. But you can look into other recommendations. They pretty much mention similar strategies for the spirited children.

Maintain and try to keep reasonable expectations and a large amount of patience on hand. You are always going to be in need of patience. Spirited children are very active and need lots of attention and guidance in order to maintain their emotions.

Disciplining defiant children needs to be simple and flexible in order to fit their individual needs. Keeping in mind that they are only able to handle so much as their emotional maturity will allow. They often get frustrated a lot easier and have overall less control over that frustration. Around the age of four or five they get a lot stronger.

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