Soon To Be Daddy!

This is a cute picture of our friend Ryan who is demonstrating to all those dads out there how to wear this bath towel. This towel is a fabulous invention and a must have for all moms and dads! This towel goes around your neck like an apron, so you are not struggling to hold the towel between your teeth and trying to reach for your child in the bathtub! Your hands are free and you are ready to scoop you baby right up. The strap around your neck also has Velcro so transferring to the changing table is an easy task. This towel helps you survive bath time without a drop on you!

Check out our website for colors and more details!

Thank you Ryan for being our Daddy model, you will LOVE this when your little one is born!

Erin & Lynda

Child of the Week - Thomas!

Child of the Week!

Thomas is one of Rylynn's boyfriends - isnt he adorable!!!? He moved to TX with his family so they dont get to hang out anymore - Rylynn is sad and misses her T!

Thomas is a 23 month old inquisitive and busy little boy. He loves anything that has wheels or resembles a car. His favorite movie is Cars and he also likes Thomas the train. He loves to cuddle and is a total mamma's boy.

He hates meat and anything that resembles a vegetable :) He also does not like sharing his toys with little brother.

include playing outside with cars, attending preschool 2 days a week and running around at the local splash pad.

Looking forward to the next Child of the Week! Send in your pictures and bios!
Erin & Lynda

Flies, Flies and more Flies!

I know this is a weird topic, but I have some great "organic" ways to help with your fly problems - either outside or in your house. Since it has been so hot out those pesky little flies tend to be more prevalent. Here are some good tips I found in my "Fly research" -
* Flies do NOT like lavender, basil or mint, so scatter some fresh herb bundles around your yard or house where they seem to congregate. I bought some at our local farmers market for 40 cents a bunch -great deal!
* Flies also do NOT like moving water or reflecting light. SO fill up some baggies with water and hang in yard or house with a penny at the bottom. Not only does the water move but the shiny penny will do some glistening which are both things Flies do not care for.
* You can also hang CD's from trees or awnings to give added sparkle.
* Since you cannot avoid flies sneaking into your house you can help them DIE faster by spraying your window seals with raid or any other insect poison. The flies land on the window seals and end up cleaning their legs which makes them ingest the poison - and Wahlaa, dead fly!
Hope this helps someone out there with a pesky fly problem! We have had our yard full of them, and yes, no poop, trash or standing water, they just like our yard!
Good Luck
Erin & Lynda