A New Holiday Craft

I went to a craft night last night with my Treasured Group (a MOPS group and Saddleback Church) and made the easiest thing! Here are some pictures, although they really do not do this craft justice you will get the idea. You can use this lighted garland around your tree, buffet table, mantle, up your stairs...pretty much anywhere!
Here is what you need to buy to get started-
* Either a 20 or 35 light strand - any color you want.
* 4 -5 different kinds of fabric
* Wide, small and or rickrack for the ribbon - you can use netting too!
To get started you need to....
* snip fabric in one inch increments and tear the fabric - it will tear easily, go the length of the fabric, which should be the longest part!
* you will want 5 strips per fabric and ribbon is just to your liking. I used wide and skinny ribbon and alternated between the fabric
* Once you have your long fabric strips you will cut into 4 -5 inch strips. This is again up to you, if you want small tight knots - cut your fabric strips short, if you want long ones like I did cut longer.
* You will then tie each fabric and ribbon onto the wire - each segment in between the lights. You can have a pattern or just be free with it! You only tie ONCE - no double knotting.
This craft can be used for all holidays - pick different color lights and fabric for each holiday!
Let me know if you have any questions, As I tried to remember the steps best as I could :) ha!
Erin & Lynda