Night In ER!

Our poor little Rylynn spent her first time in the ER/hospital last night! She had had the stomach flu along with all of us but unfortunately with her she became way to dehydrated. So her Doctor told us to take her in - 5 hours later last night we found out she does NOT have the roto virus and to just keep giving her liquids! She loves fruit punch poweraid and that is about it - so fruit punch it is. She is such a sad little sack, just walking around aimlessly and so tired looking. We are praying she will be her spunky self in no time! Here is a picture of her snuggling her "yummy" - which of course is our organic bamboo velour blankie! She takes it everywhere...even the ER!

We will keep you all updated, thank you for your prayers last night!

Erin & Lynda