I was Martha Stewart today!

We just started having my daughter (18mth) Rylynn sit at the BIG table with us in her chair. I knew I needed to start using place mats rather than tablecloths since they got dirty in 30 sec! So I knew my husband was not going to be happy if I went out and bought MORE up to date fashionable placemats.....SO....I came up with my own clever inexpensive design! Rylynn loves looking at family member photos and so why not make a place mat out of photos? I used my cute scrap book paper and combined 2 sheets that coordinated together and then I arranged and taped about 6 photos on each. After I had made Rylynn her special one (included ALL family members even our pets) then I took them to Kinkos to laminate! I know... isn't this the coolest? Well... I thought so and just had to share with you all! I will take a picture later today so you can see "Martha" at work!
Erin & Lynda

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