Mompreneurs - is this what I signed up for?

So, I when I agreed to do our mom and daughter business with my fabulous mom did I really understand what it would all entail? NO! Now don't get me wrong, I love buying, creating and feeling our fabulous bamboo velour but as far as all the "other things" that are needed to run a business....accounting, marketing, filing, shipping, inventory blah blah and then not to mention the whole aspect of social media ie: facebook, blogging and twitting! WOW - and not to mention I am called a mompreneur because I actually have a daughter...what do I do with her...ha!? no really.....what options/ideas do I have to keep her entertained while I work during the day? pulling out all her baby wipes and wiping down my couch for an hour is NOT an option...but hey she is a clean kid! I would normally wait for nap time...which was fabulous (can you tell I love saying fabulous) and now I am down to ONE nap a day! So how do you mompreneurs out there handle chores, cooking working all in 2 hours?? I am thinking I need to reinvent the word "discipline" - I never really took this seriously when i went to my 9 -5 job before...that part was easy, get in the car and drive to work...otherwise i would be fired. Well, now who is going to fire me if I do not get my butt down stairs by 9am...?? I know i know business owners need to be disciplined, but can i really start my day at 5:30am...I guess this is something I will have to work on - since I am not a night owl! Love to hear any other mompreneurs do you do what you do?....successfully? This site is awesome - check it out!
AND YES - at the end of the day - I have signed up for this and it is exactly where I want to be right now in my life, I love spending time with Rylynn and have a flexible schedule to yield to park dates and occasional Walmart trips.
Go Forth and Conquer!