Teaching your children how to eat healthy!

Over the last week I have been really thinking of how I want to teach Rylynn to eat healthy and "crave" the healthy snacks rather than the sugary ones. I found quite a lot of helpful tips in my research of healthy eating for kids and wanted to share -
*Start your child's day with a healthy breakfast, whole grains, fruit rather than fruit juice and a protein/dairy
*Let your children help shop for groceries and prepare meals, they love to help and this makes them more in engaged with what they are eating
* Keep healthy snacks on hand, veggie sticks with their favorite dipping sauce is a great one
*Don't label any foods as off limits, labeling a food as forbidden may actually entice your child to eat it behind your back
*Sit down to eat meals together rather than on the run or while walking or standing in the kitchen, meal time is important for families anyways - a cool time to talk and fellowship together.
Stay tuned for more tips tomorrow -
Erin & Lynda