Sleep Over Fun

It is true what they say about being a Grandparent, it is the best! You lovem up and send them home!!! That is what we do at our house :) We are called Papa and Go Go and we love spending time with our little Ry Ry. Being a grandparent is like having a piece of candy, it is a real treat and you just want more!

Here is Rylynn in her new car seat the only problem is she is 3 inches to short to meet the safety requirements and thank goodness for Ry Ry's daddy for putting it all together. She had fun learning how to stand against the wall to have us measure and mark how tall she was. She would go to every wall and want to be measured hoping she would grow a little taller!!! So in the mean time she is enjoying having a fun spot to sit, hold her baby doll and have a special spot to hold her juice cup, so this will be a fun car seat soon!!! Keep on Growing Ry Ry