Still Lookin Rosie after 30 Years!

Lynda Drake aka BURP (1) will be celebrating yet another year reminiscing being a Rose Princess! She still looks like a rose princess to Rylynn and I and we are proud to have a "celebrity" in our little family. Every year we all enjoy watching the Rose Parade and the new beautiful floats float down Colorado Blvd and of course see the new Rose Court..."mom's replacements." When I was little I would think about living in Pasadena and trying out for the Rose Court...but the OC ended up being my home instead, better weather but no parade. Now Rylynn will have a cool story to tell her children one day... and fun pictures to share.
Leaving a legacy for your children is important, what kind of legacy are you leaving yours? The world we live in is only going to get harder and more trying for our little ones, having core values instilled in our children and their children will continue to build a strong generation. Values like respect for elders, patience, compassion and empathy and self confidence, those are worth cultivating and are not just automatically built into a person....
We wish you a Happy New Year!
Erin & Lynda