Start writing in your fabulous experiences with our bamboo velour! Customers must read and capture the essence that organic bamboo velour has to offer! You really need to feel it to believe it! - But testimonials will have to do!
Sarah S.
Ladera Ranch, CA
When my baby had a nasty diaper rash we used this organic, super soft, velour on his bottom and it was wonderful. This is the best thing for the delicate skin of our most precious ones! Thank you Baby U R Precious.
Charyse Parker
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
This is a product you will want to share with everyone you know! I used a wash cloth and I can't stop bragging about it!! I have sensitive skin and the bamboo velour is so soft it doesn't irritate my skin. Once you've experienced the luxury of this product there is no going back!
Kellee Gaddert
This product is fantastic! Bamboo Velour is the softest thing I have ever felt and it’s organic! You can’t go wrong here! Once you try this, you won’t want to use anything else. I was also amazed by the quality of the product Baby U R Precious does a great job of delivering the highest quality and style for our little ones.
Jana Dudley
Love this product!!! It is not only great for baby but for Mom too. I use the washcloths to remove my makeup at night. They are so soft and smooth it is heavenly! Thank you Baby UR Precious.
Calvin M.
Mission Viejo, Ca
I can't thank Erin & the Baby U R Precious team enough for offering such a stylish, and eco friendly product. Beautiful, soft and organic! Just what a baby needs..
Melissa Brewer
Katy, Tx
Baby UR Precious is a wonderfully unique organization for two reasons. #1 the ministry reaches out to those in need and gives them something wonderful...#2, the products are AMAZING! If you have never felt Organic Bamboo Velour, you need to. The quality of their products is of the highest and the kids LOVE how soft the Velour is! I recommend them to anyone!