Your Child having problems falling to sleep at night?

Recently I have been sharing our bedtime routine with other moms and thought it would be helpful to share with you all. Rylynn has always been an easy sleeper and enjoys her bedtime routine. Many toddlers cannot sit still for nighttime stories and their attention span are minimal :) Here are a couple out the box ideas to try.
* Buy a light bug that projects stars and a moon on their ceiling. Rylynn loves to pick out the moon each night and likes to fall asleep sometimes just looking at her stars above her. You can purchase these at Babies R Us!
* On the Iphone there is a FREE app for baby flash cards. You can purchase this on the iphone or iTouch. Rylynn loves to touch the screen for each flash card to pop up. This is her favorite thing to do with her daddy before bed each night. Not to mention this is super cool your toddler knows how to work an iPhone but also very educational. Rylynn can rattle every card off now.
Those are my 2 cool ideas for now....more to come.
Erin & Lynda

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