Special things kids can do for their mom!

"We only have one Mom, one Mommy, one Mother in this world, one life. Don't wait for the Tomorrow's to tell Mom, you Love her!" www.kidsturncentral.com

This next section is for your children, so please print this out and give them some creative options to make for you this Mother's Day.....practice your surprise look now :)

* Door Knob Hangers - print, clip and hang outside mom's door

* Color mom a sunflower - print and color mom a special picture

* Mother's Day Coupons - printable coupons to give mom (IE: wash dishes, vacuum, clean room)

* Mom's Day word search - online word search with Mom themes

* Mother's Day Certificate - Print and give to the World's Best Mom!

More creative ideas to come this week! Please email us your fun ideas or a creative gift you received on a past Mother's Day - we would love to share with our bloggers :)

Erin and Lynda and Rylynn

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