Girl Scouts BURP

That's right this troop BURPed and enjoyed every minute of it! The BURP Ministry had a fabulous time working with these young ladies, what a delight they were.

This Junior Girl Scout troop has been together since kindergarten and they were the sweetest young ladies, (11 and 12 yr olds) they were all so excited and ready to learn. We had 8 girls and two moms join us, some of the girls had never sewn before so it was a thrill for them to be able to give sewing a hands on try. The girls purchased the diapers and brought them washed and ready to create. My daughter, Erin and my sons girlfriend, Kate and I, taught the girls how to cut, iron, sew and package the burp cloths. What was so special is that now they will be able to sew these at home and on their own or as a troop in the future.

The girls made and completed 41 burp cloths which was a record, they were sewing up a storm. These burp cloths will be going to a local charity “Casa Teresa” in Orange and to the Camp Pendleton Marines wives.

Our next monthly sewing event will be on January 31st when two of the girl scouts who were unable to make it will be coming with their moms to learn the skill they need to complete their sewing merit badge. The whole troop will again be joining us February 28th for our normal last Sunday of the month sewing event.

If you are looking for an opportunity to give back locally, join us.

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Lynda and Erin

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