Rylynn will start us off!

Coach Outlet in Carlsbad -like mother like daughter...oh dear!

Rylynn Riddle will start us off on our first "Child of the Week" - mostly because she is my daughter and well I am writing this blog :) ha! So here is a little about Rylynn -
*She is obsessed with purses, plastic baggies, tote bags and doggie walk baggies and enjoys putting anything and EVERYTHING in them!
*Her favorite words are "Tattaa" and "More" which she expresses quite often when meal times come around
* Her hobbies are collecting treasures and putting them into her baggies, playing in her playhouse outside and helping mommy empty out dishwasher
* She likes dipping everything into a dip of some sort -salsa, ranch, applesauce etc... as long as there is something to dip into she will!
* She LOVES to dance - if there is music on she will dance to it! (this is how we tire her out before bedtime...ha)
* She does not like being told NO (which kid does?) and does not eat anything that is orange colored (mainly sweet potatoes/yams).
* Her personality is extremely extroverted/outgoing - she cant stop saying hello and "Tattaa" to everyone she meets, she is stubborn and likes things her way -well who doesn't :)?
My first born- Rylynn will be turning 2 this December - cant believe it! She will be starting a dance/music class on Mondays, Story time on Tuesdays and Mommy and Me on Wednesdays. Her fall will be FULL of extra-curricular activities.

Can't wait to hear all about your little ones - send in your information to erin@babyurprecious.com
Erin & Lynda

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