It just keeps getting better!

The last 2 days have been quite comical to say the least. In the morning yesterday I was going through the "do it yourself" car wash with my "fur" daughter (Lucy) in the passenger seat and Rylynn in the back seat. All of a sudden the window is rolling down as the foam suds are shooting across to my face and entire car! My adorable Lucy rolled it down with her paw!!!!! I am screaming, Rylynn is screaming and Lucy is cowering on the floor. It was a perfect start to the day for sure!
If that wasn't enough fun, for lunch time Rylynn decided to dump her plate of spaghetti on top of Lucy's head. The noodles were stuck all over her fur and red sauce all over my white dog! GRRR for sure! So a bath was of course necessary - added chore to my to-do list.
So the moral to this day was HAVE NO EXPECTATIONS and lots of PATIENCE and go with the flow :)
Hope this brings some laughter to your day today!
Erin & Lynda

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Brewer Fam said...

Don't you just LOVE days like that! :) SO FUNNY! Being a MOM is the best!