Enjoy the Outdoors at Farmers Markets!

We have become really excited about Farmers Markets lately. They are cheaper than the market and offer more varieties on fruit and veggies! Many Farmers Markets sell organic foods, which are grown without the use of conventional pesticides. You can find a farmers market at http://apps.ams.usda.gov/farmersmarkets To get the most from your market, follow these tips - * Go early when the selection is best * Bring enough bags to keep raw and cooked foods separate, for safety's sake * Branch out. Try a new fruit or veggie that you haven't had before. select colorful produce; its often the healthiest. If you have little ones, let them choose. * Buy fresh cut produce, such a melon slices, only if its in a cooler or on ice to lower the risk of food poisoning * Take foods home right away so that they don't spoil Happy Shopping!
Erin & Lynda

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