Tasty Halloween Treats!

This is one of the cutest...and pretty healthy :) - things I have seen this season! Really creative - hope you are able to make some of these this Halloween!

Makes 4 witches; freeze 3 hours before serving.

•1 qt vanilla ice cream
•2 pouches shredded wheat cereal
•4 Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers
•Chocolate icing
•4 Oreo ice cream cones
•8 chocolate chips
•1 bag gummy candy
•1 red licorice lace
1. Divide ice cream into four 1-cup scoops; wrap each in plastic wrap and freeze until firm, at least 3 hours.

2. Pull apart shredded wheat into thin strips to use as hair; set aside. Spread chocolate icing on each wafer cookie and stick on a cone for the hat.

3. Unwrap each ice-cream scoop and place on a plate; top with shredded-wheat hair. Use chocolate icing as glue to stick cone hat atop hair, as shown. Add chocolate-chip eyes, gummy-candy nose, and licorice-strip mouth. Serve this wicked witch before she melts!

Erin & Lynda

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