Baby Burping Tips -How can I BURP my baby correctly?

Would you like to learn effective methods for burping your infant? Gaining knowledge about the techniques that can be used to burp babies, is something that many parents are quite interested in. Your infant will be much more content if you learn how to properly burp them.

Many infants swallow large amounts of air while being fed. The swallowed air will make it's way to your infant's stomach and be caught there. Infants have no way of releasing this air, therefore, they have to rely on you to help them do so through burping. You can assist them in the releasing this air by patting your infant's back softly. If this air is not released, your baby will likely become uncomfortable and irritated, and colic could result.

The over-the-shoulder method of burping is one that allows most infants to burp easily. You will want to cushion your shoulder with a smooth towel to protect your baby's sensitive skin. While supporting your infant's backside with one hand, gently tap their back using the other hand. You should repeat this motion until your baby produces a burp, which indicates that the air has been expelled.

Some babies will respond better to being positioned on your lap, rather than your shoulder. For this method, prop your infant up in a sitting position on your lap. With one hand, cup your infant's chin while supporting their chest. In order to force the air out, softly stroke your baby's back with a circular motion.

Positioning your child on their belly is another alternative to help them produce a burp. Again, protect their skin with a comfy towel placed on your lap. The babies stomach should be resting on one of your thighs, while your other thigh provides support for their head. Use upward circular patterns while tapping your child's back gently. You will keep up this motion until it produces a burp.

Infants need to be burped following a feeding. Breastfed babies should be burped whenever they have finished feeding on one breast, and prior to feeding on the other. For bottle fed babies, you should allow them to stop feeding after several ounces, and use one of the discussed techniques to burp them.

Most babies will no longer need your assistance for burping, once they are able to sit up on their own. Until that time, it will be up to you to help your baby expel that trapped air.

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