BURP 1 is sick...again!

Burp 1 - AKA my mom is sick again with a horrendous sore throat and laryngitis. She cannot talk, so phone calls to discuss business just doesn't happen, I get more frustrated in what she is trying to say that I just give up :) But hopefully she will be better SOON, this one woman show (business) isn't working out for me so much. I did however, get my iPhone, so now I am connected 24/7! Like I need to be, but nonetheless, I am in LOVE with my new toy! My husband got one too, and we sat on the couch together last night...in silence as we "played" with our new phones. Talk about funny! So hopefully our lives will continue on like normal with these new "leashes" on our lives. As far as BURP stuff goes, we are trying to match all our brochures and catalogs to our new website and get ready for our 2 expos we have coming up in 2 weeks. Stay tuned for more new product to hit the web soon and for our new Twitter look :)

Here is a picture of one of our BURP models....who moved to TX, BURP misses you guys!

Erin & Lynda

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